PC to PS3™ Streaming [Updated]

I once (quite a while ago) read that your PC can never be fast enough because the moment you are beaming with pride that you just got the fastest, slimmest and other …ests your pal (or to worsen matters your mom) comes in and says: have you seen that new device, it can even tell you what time a constellation of stars will fall out of the skies and its slimmer than that piece of kit you’ve setup there! There you have it, right before your very eyes your precious piece of kit became obsolete right after you left the store 😦

Similarly, no matter how much space you have, its never seems enough, not with the HD frenzy everyone seems to be getting into. In 2000 our first home PC had 4GB of HDD space and to say I was ecstatic about the size would be an understatement. A little over a decade later, look where we are; you can almost rent out space on your mobile phone with shed loads of space to spare..

Enter streaming. Basically it’s been able to view media (movies, photos and videos) from one device on the another through wired or unwired means. And in this case you don’t need any other software or gimmickry to pull it off. Your will be able to do this if its a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified device. (for those of us on Earth, that means it belongs to a group consumer electronics that can “talk” to each other, lets leave it that.)

Since I happen to be in possession of a PS3™, I’ll be showing you how to stream media from your PC to your PS3:

What you’ll need:

1. A PS3 (obviously)

2. PC (desktop, laptop/notebook, ultrabook, mini, netbook) running Windows Vista or Windows 7


First, you’ll have to choose how you want to stream, wired or un-wired. You this by going under the Network settings and Internet Connection. Enable the option you will be using.

Then, you need to enable Media Server Connection under the Settings on the XMB

Depending on what type of media you’ll be viewing you want to view scroll through the XMB and select Search for Media servers under that media form of your choice.

Once the search is complete you should get a message that shows x number of systems found. Press X (or O depending on which region you purchased your PS3 from) to go back to the screen you should see the name of you system on the screen under all the media types.

…before that you should get a notification on the Taskbar (on your PC) requesting for access to view the windows media library, click that and you will be taken to another dialogue box where you have to click on Ok.

If for some (wired strange and peculiar) reason you don’t see the pop-up notification on your task bar, do this… Start WMP (that’s Windows Media Player) go to the Library tab, click on it  and select More Options

Click on the Library tabs then click on Configure Sharing

You should see a dialog box that shows a list of devices your PC is already sharing, your (prospective) PS3 is the one that reads Unknown Device

Check the Share my media as done in the diagram above (does that bring back the nostalgia of high school biology 🙂 and click ok.

Now you should be able to view your photos, music and video on your much bigger and (possibly skinnier)  TV screen in all its wide screen glory without having to have copied it to an external drive or to your PS3 for that matter.

Here comes the wet blanket…while you won’t have any problem with photo or audio formats, as the PS3 will view/play just about any kind of file you throw at it, its not all plain sailing with video files. They either have to be in MPEG format (and its different flavours) or WMV (such as avi), VOB, Divx…, else you get the error message “Unsupported Data”


GOOD: thing is if you do have the appropriate (video) file type streaming is almost instantaneous; no lags or buffering!!! and you get to keep the precious space on your PS3 HDD (especially if you have the 60, 80 or 160GB versions) strictly for gaming (okay a few of your baby pictures too) and you’ll only have to set it up once. If you don’t have one yet you can convince your (OLDER) sister that she won’t have to watch her soaps on her 14’’ screen laptop 😉

BAD: Not all video formats are supported (For that you will need something else, like the (free) PS3 Media Server (we’ll discuss that another time). However, if you are a videophile who converts his/her video files to the appropriate format, then this won’t be much of an issue.

Hint: Because your PS3 only has the 802.11b/g variants of wi-fi, then speed will be limited to the speed for that category even if you have a 802.11n type wi-fi on your PC or router. If the connection is wired, speeds will be much faster.

Get streaming 🙂

Should you get the message “Access to the media is not allowed…” follow the steps below:

Open Windows Media Player, Click on Stream>More streaming options 

Click on the “Local Network”, choose “All Network”

All the available devices would appear. Note the PS3 might appear as an “Unknown Device”. Simply “allow” the device and click ok and go check again. Am pretty sure you would be able to access your files now.

Happy streaming.

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