The all-new iTunes U

Everything you need for school/business/kids – all in one place.

Like most out there, who have attributed words such as ‘expensive’, ‘confined’, ‘restrictive’ among others to the Apple computer.

Well you might want to think again after you might have downloaded and make use of their new app called “iTunes U”.

What is the iTunes U?

The iTunes U is a free app from the Apple app store. The free iTunes U app is designed to give students access to all the materials for their courses in a single place but non-students like me can also enjoy the vast content of the iTunes U library. Right in the app, they can play video or audio lectures. Read books and view presentations. See a list of all the assignments for the course and check them off as they’re completed. And when you send a message or create a new assignment, students receive a push notification with the new information.

iTunes U Course Materials Formats

–          Audio and video

–          Presentations

–          Documents

–          PDFs

–          iBooks textbooks for iPad

–          ePub books

–          iOS apps

–          Web links

Who can benefit from iTunes U?

Apple shares common goals with education—to advance teaching, learning, and research through innovation, and to engage and empower students. Students, as well as instructors and staff, expect a campus environment that accommodates their digital lifestyle, adapts to their individual learning and teaching needs, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. iTunes U provides a way to meet all these expectations.

In addition to the above, anyone can access the materials in the iTunes U library.

Coverage Area

–          Business

–          Health & Medicine

–          Language

–          Science

–          Teaching & Education

–          Engineering

–          History

–          Literature

–          Social Science

–          Fine Arts

–          Humanities

–          Mathematics

–          Society

System Requirements

iTunes U requires iTunes version 6.0 or later for Mac and Windows. Apple recommends using iTunes version 7 and, in order to guarantee a consistent user experience, always using the latest version of iTunes.

iTunes U works with most modern, standards-compliant browsers. Apple recommends using one of the following browsers:

–          Safari 2.0 or later on Mac

–          Internet Explorer 6.0 or later on Windows

Share your content with anyone. Anywhere in the world.

You can also sync all your downloaded materials from the iTunes U library with your apple devices and carry them along with you wherever you are going.

iTunes U Partnerships

iTunes U includes Stanford, Yale, Oxford, and UC Berkeley, along with other distinguished institutions such as MoMA, New York Public Library, and more. Students (you are included) can use iTunes on their computer or the iTunes U app on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to browse and download over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects.

Would strongly recommend our educational institutions explore this medium.


My submission is simply, go try it out and i can bet you would love it. You, your spouse or kids are well covered and you can even home school them with the materials from the iTunes U library.



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