The New iPad! Plus or Minus

Apple’s new iPad will available for purchase by the 16th of March in the following countries US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan while the rest of the world would be able to get theirs at the end of the month.

Details of the device were revealed at the Apple Event in San Francisco.

It will feature

  1. a quad-core A5X processor chip
  2. high-definition “retina” display, and will work on faster 4G cellular networks as well as the 3G networks (Though 4G is not available everywhere for now).
  3. It also will have a new iSight 5MP camera on the back, as well as the ability to record 1080p high-definition video.

The new iPad’s battery will have a 10 hour life – or 9 hours on 4G – before it needs to be charged, Apple says.

The New iPad price range are $629 (16GB), $729 (32GB) and $829 (64GB) all equiped with wifi and 3G while the wifi only will start at $499. The iPad2 wifi only edition will start from $399.


Apple also announced the release of the iOS 5.1 operating system, available to download from today.

It has also revealed a new model of its Apple TV set-top device. It will feature 1080p high-definition resolution, Genius and iCloud.

The iPad launch comes as Apple has reached a rare milestone (25 billion apps download): Last week, it was worth more than US$500 billion.


The dust has finally settled, the rumors have been replaced by facts, and now  we know what the iPad is all about. So what’s missing? Or what fell a little  short of expectations?

Well, here’s the quick rundown. Feel free to add to the mix with your own  take in the comments section.

New design: When the iPhone 4S came out, a lot of folks were disappointed Apple didn’t deliver the iPhone 5. Instead,  we got a souped up version of the iPhone 4 with a better camera and no real  design changes (Apple did move the ambient light sensor slightly but that  doesn’t count).

Similarly, the iPad 3 doesn’t really look any different from the iPad 2. Yes,  the case is slightly more tapered, but it’s not a significant change. In other  words, once again almost all the change is on the inside. For some people,  that’s just fine, but if you were hoping to see a whole new iPad with a new  look, you’ll have to wait.

Weighs slightly more: One of the issues with the iPad is that it  remains a little heavy. Alas, with the new Retina display, better cameras, and  faster processor, Apple couldn’t reduce the weight of the device (it measures  9.4mm thin). To get lighter, Apple would probably have to reduce the size of the  battery, but that just wasn’t possible in moving to the high-resolution display  (Apple says battery life remains at 10 hours).

No A6 processor: Prior to launch, there was lots of chatter about what  kind of chip would power the next iPad. After the iPhone 4S got a modified  version of the A5 processor found in the iPad 2, many presumed the iPad 3 would  get the A6 processor. Instead we got the A5X, which does have a quad-core  processor (no disappointment there). Apple says the A5X offers “four times the?  performance” of of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip. Great as that all sounds, it’s still  no A6.

No 128GB version: Those holding out for a higher-capacity iPad will  have to continue you wait you’re looking at topping out at 64GB with no  expansion slot. Again, they have decided to ignore the call for an external memory slot. Apple fails to put developing countries into consideration. How do you transfer those wonderful pictures without a good wifi connection or must we still keep carrying our laptops around for the sake of file transfer?

No 7-inch iPad (the rumored iPad Mini): While we thought the chances  were slim that Apple would introduce a smaller iPad at this time, rumors  continue to swirl that it will happen sometime this year. After the release of  the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet (both now cost $199), we’d like to see what  Apple could do at this size. We’ll have to wait.

No iOS 6: Ars Technica reported that it was seeing devices running iOS  6 in logs, sparking hope that Apple might release–or at least tease iOS 6.  Alas, we’re only getting iOS5.1 now. Expect more iOS to emerge in June at  Apple’s World Wide Developers conference.

Apple has yet again failed to bring the fight back to the doors of its rivals Samsung. Maybe an iPhone 5 will!

Sources: Cnet, Stuff and Gottabemobile


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