How to Fix an Internet Explorer Malware Redirect

Malware is software installed on a computer through a Trojan horse. The computer is then attacked and private information such as banking details or website logins are compromised. Malware often mutates and spreads throughout system files. It can cause system reboots, home page redirects or advertisement pop-ups. All malware must be removed through an anti-virus or anti-spyware program. The program would remove data from the registry and clean out any infected files. Once an infection is removed, the computer owner can restore Internet Explorer to original settings and remove redirect changes made by malware.

Steps to take to resolve this:


Download Avast! Home Edition Antivirus program from


Install Avast! according to on-screen directions. Select “Scan local drives” for Avast!, to scan all files and folders on the computer.


Click on “Continue” if a virus or spyware alert pops-up. The infection will be quarantined so that you can deal with it once full scan is completed.


Select “Options” menu once scan has stopped. Click on “Virus chest” and then “Infected Files.”


Repair infected .dll and operating files marked as “system files” or kernels. Delete spyware marked as “Trojan horse, malware, adware, cookies or spyware.”

Fixing Redirect in Internet Explorer


Open up Internet Explorer.


Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options.”


Click on “Advanced” tab. Select “Restore advanced settings.” Confirm changes by clicking on “Apply.”


Click on “General” tab.


Type in a default home page that will show every time you open a new browser window. Most likely this will be, or other internet search engine you’re familiar with. Confirm home page changes by clicking on “Apply.”

Culled from eHow


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