INYE-2 Nigeria-Africa’s first Tablet runs on Android Froyo

INYE-2 specs & pictures.

Hello all,

Following the launch of INYE-2 at the Google Nigeria Day, the following are the specs and the pictures of INYE-2. Hardware refreshes and tests are still being done and hence expect better specs and better OS upgrades when final products launches. We will keep you posted.

The following are the specifications of the upcoming INYE-2

Processor: 1Ghz

Storage: 4GB internal + 16GB(external SD card provided).

Screen: 8inch capacitive screen.

Operating system: Android 2.2 (codename: Froyo).

Connectivity: Wifi & Bluetooth.

Camera: 2Mp.

Geolocation: Yes (via GPS chip).

Battery life: 6-8hrs depending on usage and settings. Hours provided are for video playback and wifi connection.

Accessories: Black leather pouch, headphones

Data Plan: Will come with a data plan from one or more of the major telcos for a limited period.

Services: Encipher services(to be announced), GoldSMS bulkSMS application and Student Circle Network App.

Release Date: Approaching…

Price: Way below $500…

Am proud of this. News like this projects Nigerian, Africans and the Black race generally.
Source: Encipher


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