Setting up your mail accounts on your iPad

1 Tap the settings icon on the desktop of the ipad.
2 Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.
3 Tap the “Add Account” option.
4 You would get to see these options “iCloud” “Microsoft Exchange” “Google Mail” “Yahoo” “Aol.” “Microsoft Hotmail” “Mobileme” “Other”.
5 Simply tap on your desired mail account.
6 Complete the “Name”, “Address”, “Password”, and “Description” fields and tap the “Next” button. A short verification process takes place.

Note under the “Description”, you can enter whatever name you want e.g. CEO’s Mail, My main mail ….
7 Upon successful completion of the verification process, you will be presented with a new page which allows you to activate mail, contacts, calendar,reminders and notes. You can switch off any that you don’t want. Click on save and you account will be added.

8 The ipad should sync the mail account.

Finally, you need to configure your iPad to push you mails to the device. To do this, Tap on “Settings” —–>“Mail, Contacts, Calendars” —–>“Fetch New Data” —–> “Turn On” —–> You have four choices —–>“Every 15 Minutes” “Every 30 Minutes” “Hourly” and “Manually”.

Please note that choosing 15 or 30 minutes will run your battery down faster.

Congrats you should start receiving new mails.

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