Get your business online for free or for as little as N1500 or $10.

Google Nigeria in association with Ecobank and MTN is helping Nigerian business get online for as little as N1500 or $10 (from [] click on the link for a guide on how to go about it.) with the launch of the “Get Nigerian Businesses Online” (otherwise known as the GNBO project) which is aimed at providing all small and medium businesses in Nigeria with an easy end to end solution for leveraging online economy to grow their business.  The whole process was really designed to help you market yourself and that of your business online.

Big Reasons to Get Your Business Online (via GNBO)

  1. It was estimated that 43 million Nigerians are now online, that is to say that 81% of Nigeria’s population for the last 10 years have been doing business online or are active online, a good reason to market your business online!
  2. With online presence, your business will be open 24×7 (all year long), resulting in your sales 4x the rate of business that are not online.
  3. You will get more inquiries and leads.
  4. It is an avenue to provide your customers with extra information about your products.

How To Create Your Own Business Website

Step 1: To get started, you will need to have an active Google account e.g a Gmail account. If you don’t have one quickly go to  and click on “SIGN UP” at the top right corner of the page to create one for free.

Step 2: Once your Google account has been set up. Simply proceed to to begin proper. Please note that the domain you get from this website is but you could scroll down to the button of the page to explore and purchase top-level domain name (.com, .net, .org) or third-level domain name (
Step 3: Click on the “Get started” button

Step 4: A Google Business site builder will open on your clicking the link above, follow the simple steps listed there to start creating your free website

Step 5: Choose a domain name.
Note: Google gives you a sub-domain name with your business name once you finish creating your website. e.g will be the address of your website. You can choose to buy a custom domain name later (I highly recommend you buy a custom domain name since you will be doing business with it)

Click on “Check Availability” button. If your chosen name is available you will see a message on your computer screen that says “chosen name is available” (this is the sub-domain name your site will carry)

Step 6: Click continue to follow the remaining simple steps to complete creating your website.

Congratulation! Your business site is now up and running, courtesy of Google, Ecobank and MTN Nigeria.

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