Internet activation for iPad (Glo Mobile Nigeria) (Updated)


Walk into any Gloworld outlet and purchase a microSIM. Once you are done purchasing the microSIM, you are required by NCC to register the sim and allow 24 hours for the sim to be activated on the Glo Network.


Once the activation is successful, you will need to activate the sim by placing it in a phone (preferably a Nokia phone or a phone that has a microSIM slot). Once you have done this, dial 125 to make the sim active (this process simply notifies the Glo server that the sim has been activated and ready for use.

For the available plans to choice from Glo Data Bundle


Load the airtime and subcribe to the desired plan. After you get the confirmation notification from Glo, go to setting on the iPad i.e. Settings >> Mobile/Cellular Data >> APN Settings. Fill in the blank spots as follows:

APN: gloflat



Now, simply exit and restart your device. Once your iPad back, you proceed to your browser and open any page to confirm connection to the internet.

Subsequent subcription can be done on your iPad by following the steps below.

Settings>> Mobile data >> SIM Applications >> Magic Plus >> My account >> Balance >> Recharge. Once you are done recharging, simply point your browser to and choose your desired plan.

To check your remaining date usage, simply point your browser to At the top of the page, you will see the this details i.e. your number, the remaining data and the remaining days.

Happy surfing.



    1. You are welcome. One of the reasons why you are seeing Edge might be due to the network coverage in your area. We would suggest you try other areas when you go out. There are no settings for choosing between edge and 3G on the iPad.

      Should you have any other issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.

  1. I have been using my iPad 2 since last year until last Saturday when it started showing me ” cellular data cannot be activated” please help am desperate. Tanx

    1. Hi Hajara,
      There are a host of possible suspect for this error message you are getting. You can try any of the following methods below in resolving the issue.

      1. Kindly check your APN settings under ‘Settings’ >’General’ >’Cellular Data’.

      2. Did you update your device to the latest iOS update? If yes, can you provide us with the version you installed.

      3. You can also try toggle Airplane mode off and wait for 5seconds before turning it bak on.

      4. Tap Settings> General> scroll down to reset> reset Network settings.

      5. Perform a hard reset by pressing and holding downing the Sleep/wake button at the top of your iPad and the home button at the same time for at least 10seconds. Ignore the red slider that appears on the screen and keep holding both buttons until the Apple logo appears.

      We hope one of these steps would help resolving the issue. If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


      PS: you can mail us at

  2. I followed ur instructions above and still my Glo is not connecting to internet on my IPAD.. I subscribe for always micro..its annoying pls help ASAP..

  3. pls my sister is sending me an IPAD from USA, does she need to activate it there before shipping it to me? or it will be activated when it gets here, please enlighten me on this

    1. Hi,
      Please ensure its on AT&T or T-Mobile if its not sim free. If the iPad is on Verizon or sprint, you will only be able to use the wifi connectivity option because it will be sim locked to the network.

      Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  4. Hi, the glo portal doesn’t work. Is there a way to subscribe to a glo plan without removing my sim from the ipad? Thanks.

  5. Hi
    Have tried the hsi.glo. Com for about four days now but no response ,and I need to reactivate my subscription now

  6. Pls, how do i activate my ipad? I am in Nigeria, and i want to use mtn sim, do i need to carry out any special configuration for it to work? and also how do i configure a simless ipad to work, because am thinking of an option to go for either of them.

    1. Hi,
      kindly Go to settings> Cellular Data> SIM Applications> SIM Plus and Select My Tools. Click on data bundle to choose you preferred bundle.

      Once you have been able to successfully subscribe for a data bundle, simple go to back to Cellular Data>APN Settings>and enter the following details:
      Username: web
      Password: gprs

      For the simless (wi-fi only), you just need to go to settings>wifi>choose available one.

      We hope this helps resolve the issue. Alternatively you can visit this page

  7. I can’t load data plan on my Ipad.My nos is 08074216970.I’ll appreciate if it can be done from GLO.*127*54# Always Macro

    1. Hi,
      Going by the information you have provided. It appears your iPad can only connect to the internet via wifi.

      Some people tried using the 3mobile (UK mobile network) USB dongle to get connected on the go. Simply ask around depending on your location.

      Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.


  8. I want to check if i still have data bundle on my ipad and i have being logging unto, but it keeps showing me cannot open page, safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding. Please how do i check my data bundle on my ipad? Thanks

  9. Complabng, i must say i love this your blog. It has being very helpful to me. You give simple and straight forward answers to questions. I have tried some and they WORKED!!! One actually got me out of a jam. Keep it up. You are the best! Remain blessed.

  10. 1. Is VPN the same as APN in ipad settings
    2. How do I get Internet connection on an iPad (bought from the U.S) that has no SIM card port.

    1. Hi,
      We believe you have a verizon cdma ipad. You can get on the internet via a wifi connection.

      You can get a mi-fi dongle from any of the networks. Its fits perfectly in a pocket or via mobile hotspot from you phone (not advisable for heavy surfing).

      Should you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

  11. Sir,

    I will be travelling to Nigeria staying in Sagamu (6 days) and Ilorin (3 days) and need an excellent internet connection for both by laptop and IPad Mini. Can you please advise on the best ISP and bundle plan for those two areas. I will appreciate a quick response because I will be in Nigeria by 30 December 2013. I used MTN in Sagamu the last time but the connection was not that great and I had to buy minutes almost every day. I will be doing a lot of Skype (VOIP), email with lot of attachment, a lot of big spreadsheet, and pdf files. Cost is not a factor.


    1. Good day Mr Rahman,
      There is no straight out choice. Location is key to getting a good internet speed.

      We would recommend Etisalat (easy blaze) and airtel.

      We suggested the two different connections to for stall any disappointment.

      We wish you a safe trip and hope the networks due provide you with a quality service.

      Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

      1. Thanks. When you say location, you are talking about the specific space that I am standing or location like Sagamu or Ilorin. Is your recommendation for both Sagamu and Ilorin? So, I will need to buy two micro (Nano) Sims for the I Pad Mini and two Sims for the laptop. The last time I was in Sagamu, I was told MTN is better. Please provide guidance because it seems that you are an SME. If I buy two Sims for the I Pad, then I have to continue to remove it and replace with the other one.

      2. By location we are referring to sagamu and ilorin.

        You only need to buy one nano sim for your ipad and get va usb/mifi dongle. One for Etisalat and the other on airtel.

        We only offer free ICT solutions via virtual modes to SMEs and individuals.

        Regarding the functionality of the services of the service providers, its very erratic. At the moment these are the ones we can suggest.

        If you were based in areas like lagos or abuja, we would recommend isp such as ipnx or spectranet who are offering 4G/fiber optic service.

      3. I am coming to Ilorin and need the best connection for my IPAD. I am going to be in the Kutu area. Are there any ISP (including private ISP) that you will recommend. I need to be on Skype 24/7.

      4. Thanks. Are you saying that Etisalat is better. The last time I was there, I used MTN. It works somewhat but not consistent. I was in Nigeria about 6 months age. Will my MTN works? What I need is a suggestion of which service and plan will give me good connection.

        Thanks again.

      5. Good day,
        From our experience Etisalat seems to have a more realiable service than MTN.

        You might just have to go for a bigger plan.

        The MTN line might have been recycled. Unless you inserted into a phone and at least made a call with it in the last 6 months.

        We hope this helps.

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