Precise Pangolin is here.

Following our last post, it seems 30th April was just too far away afterall. Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) today released version 12.04 LTS (long term support) of what’s arguably the most popular Linux distro following the conclusion of its Beta testing phase.

If you are a green horn who’s has a curiosity gene (like most of us) or a veteran of the series distro, point here to download the 32bit ISO file or the 64bit version. (It is advised that you download the recommended version for your pc)

If for some reason you still don’t want to dive into the pool, you can dip your toe here to take a tour from within your browser and see what the buzz is all about 🙂



  1. One of the reasons I like Ubuntu Linux is because it can be run on a Live CD that is you don’t have to install it. Yet, you’ll be able to do everything you would even it were installed ranging from downloading files to an external drive or making changes to files on an existing Windows OS partition (if you intend to dual boot)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new Ubuntu OS. I must say that Ubuntu has finally put Windows OS in its rightful place. The OS has a sleek interface, the opportunity to run from a CD rather than installing but i would recommend you install this.

    Have always been looking for an alternative OS cos am tired of the Windows interface which is similar to the Nokia interface (New phone with a similar look).

    For anyone that can’t afford a Mac or can’t get access to VM, I will suggest you give this a try. Very easy to use and adapt to.

  3. For owners of the various Apple devices e.g iPad, iPhone, iPod. Simply connect your device to the pc and Ubuntu will give you access to the various files on your device. Windows and Mac won’t give you this feature. Have tried it and it works. Ubuntu rocks!

  4. Please be aware that the experience ain’t smooth so you might get some annoy pop-ups along the way. Our advise is that you dual boot Windows and Ubuntu or you install on a spare system. Another thing we also noticed is that the formatting on your document from word would change once you open it with Libre Office Writer 3. We will bring more updates as soon as we get them.

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