The Galaxy S III

No, you are not this reading wrong. After several rumors, mock-ups etc, Samsung today, launched its much talked and gossiped about follow-up to its most successful 2011 mobile device (and I daresay most successful product too) and you win no awards for guessing its title – Galaxy S III.

While its bells and whistles are nothing out of  the ordinary from its predecessor, it does have a bigger screen (4.8”) smaller than the Galaxy Note’s 5.3″ and a faster quad-core processor running at 1.4Ghz! It comes with the usual bevy of capabilities and according to Samsung, an immense improvement to its TouchWiz custom over-lay and software in general. Point here for more retina popping detail!

Also, should you find a network to support it, it will run on both GSM and WCDMA bands.

You were probably saving to get the Galaxy S II to wow your friends and colleagues at the office. Now, Samsung has gone and stolen your thunder 😦  Not to worry, it won’t get here for a while. So you can still go ahead and get the S II. You might be lucky to get it even cheaper as retailers try to clear out old stock 😉



  1. nice one boss!…heard it will be on sale in d states by d end of d month and would be on sale worldwide like a month later….cant wait!!!!…….kudos!

    1. Thanks Chief. We are looking forward to the epic battle between the SIII and the iPhone 4s. You can follow us on @complabng or add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page ( to get first-hand information.

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