More Tablets

You probably thought to yourself: If  I am going to but a tablet I have three choices – Android, PlayBook or iPad. Well you can now add a fourth. Windows 8 from the all ubiquitous Microsoft is all but live.

At the ongoing Computex event in Taipei (that’s in Taiwan), some manufacturers (Acer, Asus, msi, Samsung, Toshiba…) have showed off new tablets (and PCs) running Microsoft’s latest attempt at recapturing a slice of the mobile market, especially as Windows Phone 7 isn’t exactly soaring. Windows 8, according to boffins at Microsoft, is tailored to the touch environment so it’s basically a tablet OS that is extensible to the conventional PC.

Microsoft is banking on the fact it maintains what is quite comfortably a monopoly in the PC OS market to drive interest and most importantly, sales of its new latest OS considering the vast array of programs available to the Windows platform.

Point here  for more.


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