Gmail Custom Themes

Would you like to personalise your Gmail inbox even further? We’re guessing that’s a Yes 🙂

Google recently extended its options for personalization of its web mail service – Gmail. While some level of personalization had been available, you can now add your photos as backgrounds too by either uploading them from your phone, your PC or just copy an image URL. A couple of new additional custom themes are also available. Please put your connection speed into consideration before going ahead with using the custom themes.

To do this, click on the Gear icon on your inbox and select Themes once there and you will be able to choose from the various themes (Colour themes, HD themes, Custom themes and Classic themes).

Now the challenge you’ll probably face is: which one do you use! Your wedding pictures, your baby’s photo, your graduation, your vacation photos, ones with your mom and dad or grandparents or your grand kids…

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