Microsoft Office 2013. What to Expect!

The latest version of Office 2013 is equipped with a touch-ready functionality which is designed for mobile devices, cloud computing and social networking.

Steve Ballmer described it as the firm’s “most ambitious release” to date. He and Kirk Koenigsbauer (Microsoft’s Office division Vice-President) pointed out the efforts that the software company had put into ensuring that the software keeps up with the technological changes.

Mr Ballmer said the user-experience is designed to be more “immersive” “visceral” and “multimedia-rich” compared to earlier version of Office. Some of the features to expect in the new version includes;

  • Documents, slides and presentations can be marked up on mobile screens, drawn on, highlighted or annotated with a digital pen, stylus or even a finger.
  • Integration of Skype and Yammer into the new Microsoft Office.
  • New “People Cards” include an individual’s digital “presence”- a photo, options to email, instant message, phone or video chat and activity feeds from Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Automatic synchronization of all office documents in an online, cloud-based storage service. With Microsoft’s Skydrive, user’s documents can be accessed across different platforms from an internet-connected device.

The release date for the new version is schedule for October 2012.

On a final note, owners of Apple’s iPad who have been eagerly waiting for the launch of Microsoft’s Office app on their device might get their wish as the new version will be launched alongside the new Surface and Windows 8. 

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