How to back up your contacts on BlackBerry.

Many of those who own a BlackBerry device are not aware of the back up and restore options on their phones. Quite a number of people have contacted us seeking advice on how to retrieve their contacts after a major mishap (owing to either memory wipe, corrupt OS and so on).

Below are steps on how to back up and restore your contacts on your BlackBerry phones:
a. Open your BlackBerry Messenger app
b. Tap the BlackBerry button
c. Scroll down and tap Option
d. Scroll down to “Back-up Management”
e. Tap “back up” to save a back up of your Contact list
f. On the next page, you have two options that is, “back up files remotely” or ” back up files locally”.

To back up your files remotely, ensure you have active Internet connection (either an active BIS plan or via wi-fi) and also have a functional email address. Once you tap “back up files remotely”, you will be asked to register your email. After which you will receive a message saying your BlackBerry has been registered on the BlackBerry server. Check your spam folder for the message should you not receive it in your inbox.

To back up your files locally simply means choosing between backing up on your device memory or on your memory card. To do this, just browse to preferably your memory card (this will safeguard against memory wipe and the likes).

To restore a Back-up of Your Contact List follow the steps below:
Follow steps a to d above.
You have three options
1. Restore using email
2. Restore using a back-up from device
3. Restore using back up from memory card

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