Resize, Crop and Edit images faster than you can imagine

Ever needed to work with an image or trying to send a friend an image and you found out the image was too large and you have got little or no clue about working with applications such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and the likes. Well worry not for there is a fast and easier way around this (your 7-year-old would do it). Simply follow the steps below:

What you need?

  • Your Picture (remember to save a copy of picture the before carrying out any of the steps)
  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2010 (this comes with Microsoft Office 2010 CD)

Step 1:

Locate your desired picture(s) (as shown in the image)

Step 2:

  • Right Click on the image and scroll down to “Open With” and choose “Microsoft Office 2010” (Alternatively click on the image and scroll to the top of the page and click on “Preview With”— Choose “Microsoft Office 2010”.

Step 3:

Wait for the program to open.

Step 4:

Click on “Edit Picture”.

Step 5:

On the right side of your screen, a new pane would emerge where you can edit, crop, resize, compress and so on. Click on “Resize”.

Step 6:

Now you have options such as leaving the image in its original size, using a predefined size, custom width or height or Percentage of original width x height. Try clicking on “Predefined width x height” and choose any of the options that suits you. (see image below)

Step 7:

Once you are satisfied with your option, simply click “Ok” to confirm changes. Please note that clicking “Ok” will alter the original image so we strongly recommend you copy and save the image elsewhere before you perform this editing.

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