Activating Airtel (Nigeria) Internet Bundle on an iPad. (Updated)

This is for those who plan to use/ test the functionality of the 3.75G from Airtel Nigeria. According to Airtel, you can browse and download from a selection of a million songs at affordable rates. Send and receive emails, play games, set caller tunes, download ringtones, videos and images. Access info services, lifestyle tips and lots more. Airtel nicknamed it the Airtel live! which has more content than you’ll find anywhere else. It’s quite simply the best. Well you be the JUDGE of that!

Now follow the steps and check out the screenshots:

1) Go to “Settings” from your iPad Home Screen

2) Go to “Cellular Data” on the “Settings” pan on the left (as shown in the screenshot below)

3) Keep the “Cellular Data” On(tap on it to toggle On/Off depending on the status)

4) Now go to APN settings (step 3 in the screenshot above)

5) Put “” in the APN (as shown below)

6) Leave the Username and Password field blank

7) Now you are ready, simply go to Safari and check out any website.

Finally, it’s working great.

Please note that reloading your subscription on Airtel can be done online or manually by removing your sim and inserting into a phone (preferably a Nokia phone) and sending any of the short codes below.

Airtel Nigeria Mobile / Handheld / smartphones / iPad Data bundles

Plan. Data Validity Price Activation Code

  • Daily 10MB 24 hours N100 *141*11*1#
  • Weekly 25MB 7 days N400 *141*11*2#
  • Easy 80MB 14 days N500 *141*11*3#
  • Lite 200MB 30 days N1000 *141*11*4#
  • Midi 250MB 30 days N1300 *141*11*5#
  • Surf 500MB 30 days N2000 *141*11*6#
  • Smart 1000MB 30 days N3000 *141*11*7#

To check your data usage, you would have to remove your sim (airtel’s selfcare online portal is not functioning at this moment) and insert into a mobile phone (preferably a Nokia). Dial *141*11*0# and you will get to see your remaining data.



    1. At the moment, you can purchase a data card (recharge card) from any Airtel Shop which will automatically be converted to your data bundle.

      Alternatively, you need to remove your micro sim and insert it into a Nokia phone and load your recharge card. Once you have successfully loaded the card, you can subscribe for your desired plan.

      Airtel selfcare service is currently not available. This would have enable you purchase your data bundle online.

      You can contact us for more info.

  1. The idea of removing sim always just to check data balance is not conducive,there should be a data balance checking command in sim applications just like other networks.

  2. It’s a shame that ur asking airtel subscribers to remove sim cards from iPad at this modern age can’t we just do it straight don’t you realize that iPad uses micro sim and it’s difficult to insert on a phone!!! Na waooo!

    1. My dear its really pathetic ! Nigerian companies will never be efficient, not even for once. Imagine going through the drama of removing micro sim every month to recharge, that is an embarrassment on Airtel. They deserve to be sold out !!!

  3. Hello Angel,
    Apologies for the error you are getting. Have you tried to reboot your iPad by turning it off and switching it back on. This helps sometimes. If the problem still persist, we would suggest you get in touch with the Airtel customer care via @AirtelNigeria.

  4. Hi
    I use an iPad mini… Can’t get another phone that uses a nano sim… Any other way I can buy my data plan?

  5. I tried registering on this stuff, and after inputting every required data, all I’m getting is “oops, an error occurred while processing your request”….so why would u guys make people go through the stress of doing all that when you known the site ain’t functioning properly?….appalling if u ask me!

  6. I subscribe #1,500 using *440*16# to browse on my ipad.. After calling customer care i dawned on me that i wasted my money.. It will only work on a blackberry phone… Pls if you have a solution so my mb wont waste text me on 08140717626

    1. Good day sir,
      Which of the monthly plan are you on?
      You need to know that there is a data cap for each i.e. You might have been allocated 200MB for 30 days.

      If you use this up before the expiration of the 30 days, you won’t be able to connect until you resubscribe.

      Below is excerpt from the Airtel’s website:
      5. Will a customer be cut-off when data volume subscribed for expires or is consumed?

      For more information, you can visit

      Subsequent to expiration or complete consumption of a BlackBerry bundle, customers will be charged at PAYU rates of 5kobo per kilobyte for further internet activity.
      Customers are advised to subsequently load a normal data bundle via SMS or USSD or take up any data bundle offer by selecting from *141*1#

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