Google delivers extensive Cloud updates

Intensifying the competition between itself and Amazon’s leading Web Services (AWS), Google has delivered extensive upgrades to its cloud computing technology.

The firm has added 36 new types of server to its rentable cloud infrastructure. The incoming updates to Google Compute Engine, the search engine titan’s infrastructure-as-a-service technology, sees the prices of its main four instances reduced by around five percent.

The diskless configuration’s instances enables developers to rent lower-cost instances for applications that aren’t required to feature a dedicated disk attached to their server, but can handle a separate ‘persistent’ disk.

Google is also set to launch technology named ‘durable reduced availability’ storage as a limited preview. While the company didn’t divulge the exact reduction amount, the product reduces the cost of storing data but with lower availability.

In addition, Google is adding ‘persistent disk snapshotting’, allowing administrators to create a backup of their persistent stored data. It can then be moved to Google data centres around the world in order to help create multi-continent applications.

Source: Appy Geek

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