Google Drive and Gmail Allow 10GB Attachments

Yes as the heading reads, Google has increased the file attachment capabilities of its Gmail service. Before now, users could only attach up to 25MB (which was previously 10MB) but with the recent development, you can now attach up to 10GB directly through its Google Drive cloud storage service.


  • Seamless integration: You don’t need to log out of your Gmail to perform this task.
  • It’s flexible to use.
  • Recipient will have access to the most recent version of the document you sent.


  • If you want to take advantage of this service, you are expected to upgrade your account from the existing free Google Drive accounts which provide 5GB storage for free.
  • Will cost you $1.55 (₦250) on a monthly basis for up to 25GB of storage space.
  • Recipient must also be a paying (i.e. needs to have upgraded his Google Drive account) to receive the large file or else you will be prompted to change the file settings.

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