Month: December 2012

CyanogenMod Release Fixes for Exynos Exploit

Two big pieces of news were released today regarding the much loathed Exynos exploit that plagues Samsung Galaxy SIII users who are looking for their OS updates. In addition to the SII, other Samsung devices are also vulnerable, the SII and Note II, all very popular and well received devices. For the first time, Samsung has officially acknowledged the exploit issue, and promise to address it with an official patch as quickly as possible. The second big announcement was by the CyanogenMod team, who announced today on their Google+ page that they have merged patches for Exynos 4412 and 4210 into their 10.1 source.


BBM Voice (UPDATE!!!)

While its gearing up for the January 2013 release of the BlackBerry 10 OS, RIM has released something to whet the taste buds of its customers. The ubiquitous mobile messaging service; BBM, has hit version 7 which means it will come with some improvement (or maybe just a security patch)

The more interesting news is that BlackBerry users will now be able to make voice calls over a Wi-Fi network through BBM…for free! Now you can LOL for real 😀 (more…)

Malware on Android: Should I be worried

It seems like every few weeks another story surfaces that some aggressive, possibly sentient virus or trojan is attacking Android handsets at will. Run for the hills everyone! Microsoft has worked pretty hard to get people to talk about “Android Malware Horror Stories” on Twitter in order to be entered into a drawing for a Windows 8 phone. Microsoft is claiming that there are more nefarious pieces of malware for Android than for other any platform, which is undoubtedly true. But they are also claiming that their OS is safer, because it is so unpopular. Hey, does anyone remember these guys?

Yes, the famous Mac vs PC commercials. Despite my loathing for all things Apple, these are some of the better TV ads that have run in the last decade. They are memorable, funny, and just misleading enough to draw in naive, ill-informed PC users. One of the many points that Apple wanted to make with these ads was that Windows was just dangerous. (more…)

No, it’s not a typo, it’s Microsoft’s take on social networking.  (pronounced “social”) describes itself as social networking and social search service and it  borrows from existing services creating a potpourri if you will.

And in a similar move with what Microsoft did with Skype, users can either sign in/up with a Live ID or via an existing Facebook account mindful of the fact that users might be wary of stepping into the pond.

You can point here to  see for yourself.

Turn your HDTV into a Smart TV with Wise TIVI Media Stick (Updated)

wisetiviThe Wise TIVI product is about the size of a flash drive, but it packs a ton of potential. See, you can plug the multimedia stick (of your choice of color: silver, green, blue, or black) into the USB  HDMI port  on your HDTV, and your television will basically have the same online functionality as your phone or tablet. (No, it doesn’t transform your TV into a giant touchscreen. Don’t try it.) The unit runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, so your television may be even more current than your mobile device

With a wireless keyboard and a wireless game controller (possibly sold separately – no word just yet), you can navigate the web, access media through Google Play, watch videos on Netflix, watch TV on Hulu, and tons more. (more…)