BBM Voice (UPDATE!!!)

While its gearing up for the January 2013 release of the BlackBerry 10 OS, RIM has released something to whet the taste buds of its customers. The ubiquitous mobile messaging service; BBM, has hit version 7 which means it will come with some improvement (or maybe just a security patch)

The more interesting news is that BlackBerry users will now be able to make voice calls over a Wi-Fi network through BBM…for free! Now you can LOL for real 😀

While this isn’t exactly ground-breaking as Skype and other VOIP applications have been doing this on PCs and mobiles. Even RIM has done the same through its MVS offering available for the corporate market, it does seem a lot of users will be hopping on board this feature

Currently, BBM 7 is still in beta and has existed beta but still only available to devices running BlackBerry 6 OS and above with plans to include phones on version 5 later. It’s now not available to all markets and you’ll have to sign in to the BlackBerry Beta Zone with your existing BlackBerry ID username (same one used for accessing App World and we’re guessing you have one) and provide further details about yourself through the App World

All regions Point here  to see if your  country’s are now covered.

Culled from RIMRIM



  1. Great news!! I keep saying BB isn’t just a status phone or play tool but a survival working tool made with the customers satisfaction as a major component in the mind of the entire RIM team. Thumbs up guys!

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