Premium Suite (Update…again)


If you own a Galaxy Note but are in no position to make your wallet weep from upgrading to the Galaxy Note 2 or would just rather stick with your old device, Samsung has a surprise for you.

While the rumours have made the rounds, Samsung has confirmed it will be bringing a number of features from the Note 2 in form of the Premium Suite to the Galaxy Note.

The Premium Suite is a slew of software enhancements made by Samsung to further enhance the Android experience. Plus, the Note will also be getting Jelly Bean 4.1.2

While there’s no official date for when the update will be arriving, we are looking at an early 2013 release.

UPDATE 1: Samsung Ukraine announced the update will be arriving in March.


UPDATE 2: Its official, Jelly Bean (Premium Suite) is officially available for the N7000 a.k.a Samsung Galaxy Note. However, it may take some time before it becomes available in the Niger-Area as the update is being rolled out in phases. It may eventually reach us by March as reported earlier.

Go to About under Settings and check for Updates. Ensure your battery is around 70% before you install. If you already updated, let’s have your view 🙂

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