Top Android Applications for Nigerians

Nigeria is one of many African nations embracing the mobile revolution, with over 110 million mobile subscribers across the country. In a highly competitive market, Android app developers are climbing over one another to create, develop, update and smooth out mobile applications aimed exclusively at the Nigerian market. Below are just some of the best Android apps available to Nigerian mobile users today. by SCM Ventures

Tradestable is Nigeria’s most popular free-classifieds website, allowing users to buy and sell everything from cars and mobile phones to real estate and professional services. The Tradestable Android app, which now allows users to browse and post ads while on the move, it’s free and has received very positive reviews from downloaders so far.

    Nigerian Constitution by Pledge 51

This free app, aimed at tackling Nigerian citizens’ unfamiliarity with their Constitution, is proving to be very popular, having received over 80,000 downloads so far. The app is both user-friendly and fully searchable, allowing readers access to this important document wherever they are. The creators believe that with a greater knowledge of their Constitution, Nigerian citizens will be more fully aware of their rights and thus capable of holding their government to account.

    TaxiPark NG by Interactive Shack Ltd

TaxiPark Nigeria was originally a website-based service that allowed users to book taxis virtually from wherever they were. Though the new mobile version by Interactive Shack Ltd only operates in Lagos at present, this is sure to change in the future as more users demand taxi-booking services while on the go.

    tfs Radio Nigeria by 24/7 apps

Having recognized the opportunities provided by the Nigerian market, the creators of the global tfs Radio brand decided to expand into Nigeria. Though the free app is still undergoing regular updates, it has been popular among downloaders, as it allows them to play and record music from a selection of radio stations across Nigeria.

    Nigeria News by Daingo

Another popular Android app for Nigerian mobile users is Nigeria News by Daingo, which is free to download from Google Play. Users of the app can have access to a wealth of news sources, all of which are fully searchable and can be altered to suit individual preferences, allowing them to stay up-to-date wherever they are.

    Nigerian Movies by CC Creative Limited

With over 50,000 downloads, Nigerian Movies is another free app experiencing success on the Nigerian market. Though it has received varying reviews, the app’s premise to allow users to watch Nollywood movies and music videos from their Android devices is extremely promising.

Nigeria has the highest number of mobile subscribers in Africa, so it is no wonder Android app creators are jumping at the chance to create country-specific content for Nigerian mobile users. Though many of these apps are still in their infancy and will thus need time to smooth out bugs and flaws, the Nigerian app market is, and will continue to be, a very exciting place to be.

By @MaryFreeWriter

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