Samsung Galaxy S4! Is it truly the best phone around.

Yes you must have heard, seen or own the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung have been kind enough to offer its customers with the Samsung S4 Active (water resistant) and the Samsung S4 Zoom (for photo lovers).

Ever since the release of this smartphone, there have been several reviews but this post would focus on the effectiveness of the new features on the phone.

According to Samsung, the S4 simplifies your everyday task. It is described as the ultimate productivity device. How true this is depends on which camp (iOS or Windows Mobile) you belong. For a neutral party or someone who is new to the Android camp, the phone is truly an ultimately productivity device with few exceptions.

The S4 offers features such as Smart Pause, Air Gesture, Air View, S Translator, Group Play, Samsung WatchOn, Dual Shot, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot and Story Album.

How effective are these features?
Smart Pause:
While watching a movie or a recorded video from your phone’s camera (well this didn’t work when we tried it), by moving your eyes away from the phone would automatically pause the video. Getting this to work might frustrate you and people around you might think you are crazy. Don’t get us wrong it works but might take sometime.

Same goes for the air gesture and air view. Samsung might need to send us some updates for the improvements of the responsiveness of the features.

Camera features:
You don’t have to be genius to use the camera features on the S4. For example to use the Dual Shot, all you have to dual is to press the mode button and choose Dual shot.

Voice control:
This feature is yet to take off its pace. For instance, using the command prompt to answer or reject a call could be very annoying when you want to show off you phone’s feature and the phone refuses to answer or reject the call.

Our verdict:
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly an ultimate productivity device which needs a little fine tuning to get those innovative features working.

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