How to create a free iTunes account without a debit/credit card

Ok you just got your Apple device and you are greeted with the welcome screen asking you to enter your Apple ID or create an Apple ID.

You continue the process and you are asked to enter your card details. Some of us are reluctant to enter our card details because we do not want a situation whereby we are charged for unwanted or unsolicited item. While so do not have an acceptable debit/credit card.

Well worry not because you can actually register for an Apple ID without the use of a credit/debit card. Just follow the steps below and you will be given your very own APPLE ID.

Step 1:

Activate iTunes either on your device (iPad, iPhone, Macbook or windows OS laptop/desktop) >>> Click on the iTunes Store.

Step 2:

Click on App Store which is located at the top of your screen.

itunes app store

Step 3:

PLEASE NOTE: To register without a credit/debit card, you have to first click on a free app. Just click on the desired FREE app and click install.

iTunes image

Step 4:

In the pop-up window, click Create Apple ID.

Create Apple ID

Step 5:

You are directed to the “Welcome to the iTunes Store” screen. Click Continue.

welcome to iTunes

Step 6:

You’ll need to read and agree to the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions. Make sure you select the checkbox next to “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions.” Then click on “Continue”

Step 7:

Enter your email address, create your password, continue to create and answer your security questions, and then enter your birthday. Thereafter, you can also enter an optional rescue email address. If you frequently change email addresses, this is recommended.

Step 8:

Once you are satisfied with the information entered, click Continue.

Step 9:

Select None as the payment type.

Payment Type

Step 10:

Continue to fill out the required name and address fields. Once you are done filling out the forms, you’ll then see a “Verify your Account” screen. Click Done, and then check your email for a verification email from iTunes Store.

Step 11:

Open the email, and click the link enclosed in the email to activate your account.

Verify account

Step 12:

Once you click on the link, the Apple ID website should ask you to sign in with your account name and password.

Step 13:

After signing in, you should see that your email address is associated with your Apple ID. A button labeled “Return to the Store” should appear.

Step 14:

Once you sign in, you’ll then see the below “Congratulations” screen. Click Start Shopping to be taken to the App Store home page.

iTunes is ready

We strongly advice you use a single Apple account for all your download. Multiple accounts might lead to you losing some of your precious apps when you try to authorise more than five (5) device with iTunes store.

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Images from Apple


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