Fixing the Inaccurate battery life of your Macbook Pro

We are aware that some people are having issues with the percentage display of their battery life on the Macbook Pro 13″. For instance, you have 98% of battery life and you are seeing 2 hours remaining.

Worry not because the remaining time displayed has a lot attached to it. We would take you through the possible attributes to this.

If you are just acquired you Macbook Pro, we would STRONGLY advice you give it some time before you think you sending it back to the Apple store.

Also you need to know that the system calculates the processes running and return with an estimated time left. Wi-fi connection (even when you are not connected), bluetooth and what softwares are opened at the present moment. So we would suggest you switch off or close any program you are not using at that moment to boost your battery life.

Now if you have done the above and your battery life is still not what you expect of it, you can try out the option below.

Clearing the PRAM and NVRAM settings.

  • Open up Terminal on your MacBook Pro
  • Type in cd ~/Library/Preferences/ (We suggest you copy and paste it to avoid any mistake)
  • Then Press Enter
  • Type in rm (We suggest you copy and paste it to avoid any mistake)
  • Press Enter
  • Finally, type killall Dock and hit the ENTER button again

Upon successful completion, your wallpaper revert to the default one because the command will delete the settings file listed in the second line and then restart your dock.

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