Month: October 2013

3 Networking Ideas that Actually Work

Networking can be tough, especially at business meets or any other start-up hub. At big events, its often hard to identify the wannabe entrepreneurs from those who are building awesome things or have awesome contacts, so it’s not uncommon to leave an event hours later exhausted, hoarse, and with nothing to show.

But, the start-up world is an ecosystem where connections and introductions can be critical to raising funds or landing a key partner, and networking is just part of the game. So what should you do?

While heading to the big events once in a while is important, here are three even better ways to rapidly expand and improve your network – while still saving your energy for your new and growing company. (more…)

The New iOS 7. First Impression (Updated)


On the 19th of September 2013, Apple finally flipped the switch for the user version of the iOS 7 which is now available for everyone to download. Took us sometime to complete the download due to slow internet speed and issues from the Apple server but we eventually got our hands on it.

Installation was seamless and we were welcomed by a whitish welcome page with “HELLO” in different languages. We followed the installation guide to the very end without any issues.

Now to what you are hitching to hear. Firstly of all, the new iOS 7 is totally different from what you have been seeing in the past. Total re-modification was carried out by the developers at Apple.