Reduce Mobile Data by 50% WithThe New Google Chrome Mobile App


Google Chrome

Are you on an internet plan with a data cap or do you exhaust your mobile data before its due date. That should be a thing of the past with the recent update from Google for its Chrome Browser app which promises to helps users reduce the amount of mobile data used in surfing the web on your mobile devices.

All that the user needs to do is to update the app and once that is out-of-the-way, proceed to Settings>>Bandwidth management>>Turn on reduce data usage. (It’s very IMPORTANT that you turn this on or else it won’t work)

Asides reducing mobile data, Google also claim that another new feature is the ability to allow users track how much data they are using with the Chrome app.

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    1. Opera saves more due to the fact that it’s just a thin client app and all the rendering and JavaScript processing is performed on Opera’s servers. All that is needed by Opera Mini is a simplified OBML file.

      A true test of the new feature of Chrome would be better appreciated when compared alongside the Opera Turbo.

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