Buying a New Device

Thinking of getting a new device? You might want to hold out just a little longer. We know you’ve been saving up for quite some time and now that you have the cash at hand we’re trying to stop you!? Not quite. You see, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off today in Barcelona, Spain where tech giants show off/display (mostly) new hardware devices (from tablets to the ever-growing-in-size phone to the new rave – “wearables“) you will be purchasing for the rest of 2014. Everyone one (maybe not Apple as they have their own event) has a new device on offer: Sony, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Huawei…

How does that concern you? you ask Well, look at  it this way – retailers want to get their hands on these devices as quickly as they can which means they’ll have to shift as much of their old stock as soon as they can. And to do that successfully, prices of older products or those that have been on the shelf for longer, will have to agree with gravity.

Now, the fall may not be so large but you will have saved yourself some cash to purchase that device you’ve wanted or just buy the newer one…if your wallet or purse wont weep ;-)

What do you think now :-)

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