Samsung S5 Unveiled to the Tech World

Samsung Galaxy 5

Yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung like several other tech giants unveiled their newest range of gadgets to the public. Among the gadgets unveiled were the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, Gear Fit among others. Our focus in this post would be on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Looking to get your hands on this device? Well we would like to bring to your notice the latest addition or what differentiates the S5 from the S4.

  • The S5 spots the same design but with a faux leather material (similar to that on the Note 3 but with a golf ball texture)
  • Sharper display with the Super AMOLED display
  • Menu key has been replaced with a recent apps key
  • The S5 has a water and dust resistant capability with the added IP67 by Samsung
  • Camera is equipped with a 16 mega pixel as against the 13 mega pixel on the S4
  • S5 runs on Samsung TouchWiz interface with the icons now in a round shape
  • Notifications menu has been redesigned plus its faster and smoother
  • S5 charging port is USB 3.0 compatible
  • S5 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM) as against the Power Saving Mode on the S4. Samsung claims that the UPSM offers up to 24hrs battery life with a 10% battery life by switching off some features and also turn the display to black and white.
  • New features such as Download Booster, Fingerprint Sensor, Kids Mode and Selective Focus

So are the new features worth shelling out the cash? Yes if you are have the cash and do not own the S4 but if you have the S4, it will be a waste of resources buying this phone.

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