Month: March 2014

How to Access Recovery Mode (Windows Safe Mode Version) on a Mac

Do you own a macbook? or Is your MacBook slowing down or a little bit unresponsive?

Windows users are very familiar with the safe mode while a recovery mode is available to Mac users. (See screenshots for the different OS)

Mac OS X

Mac OS X


Sending Emails with Undisclosed Recipients

Ever wonder how the sender sent you a mail with “Undisclosed Recipients” in the “To” column. Well let’s demystify the magic and show you are to perform the magic.

Depending on your mail programme or service i.e. Gmail, Windows Mail, Mac OS X Mail etc.

  1. Open your contact>> Create a new contact by entering the following details.
  2. First name “Undisclosed” and Last name “Recipients”;
  3. Enter your email address or any other email address. Hit the save or enter button. (more…)

How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 8 and 8.1?

Why would you want to partition your  Windows 8 or 8.1 hard drive

  • make full use of disk space
  • convenient sorting of different kinds of files and documents and
  • ensuring smooth running of your computer .

Instances that might require partitioning your drive.

1. There is only one partition on the hard drive.

For instance, you need to store media files on your hard drive and there’s only one partition on your hard drive, you will have to partition (literally divide)  the hard drive into different sizes to suit your needs. (more…)