Sending Emails with Undisclosed Recipients

Ever wonder how the sender sent you a mail with “Undisclosed Recipients” in the “To” column. Well let’s demystify the magic and show you are to perform the magic.

Depending on your mail programme or service i.e. Gmail, Windows Mail, Mac OS X Mail etc.

  1. Open your contact>> Create a new contact by entering the following details.
  2. First name “Undisclosed” and Last name “Recipients”;
  3. Enter your email address or any other email address. Hit the save or enter button.
  4. Log into your mail client and click on compose. In the “To” field choose the newly created “Undisclosed Recipients”  and click on the “*Bcc” field and enter the email addresses followed by a comma.
  5. Compose your messages and send to the desired recipients.

Once the mail drops into each individual’s mailbox, the recipient will only see his/her mail and the “To” field will display that the messages was also sent to the “Undisclosed recipients”.

If you do not want to have undisclosed recipients displayed, you can simply leave the “To” field blank and enter the other email addresses in the “Bcc” field. Compose your message and send. IT’S THAT SIMPLY!

*BCC means Blind Carbon Copy:- the receiver would not see the email address of the other recipients.

*CC means Carbon Copy:- each receiver will see the email addresses of everyone that you sent the mail to.

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