Talk More Pay less

Are you a business owner or an individual who makes lots of voice calls? Well we have information that would save you lots of cash to spend on other more pressing matters.

Kindly find below our quick but essential solutions to talk more and pay less;

  • Closed User Groups are groups of GSM mobile telephone subscribers who can make calls and receive calls from members within the group. This is ideal for employers who have between 0-100 employees. This simply afford everyone on the CUG that to make more calls,sms and data (based on the allocation by the Service Provider). All that needs to be done is to subscribe for one that suits your purpose.
  • Promotions from Service Provider which could include doubling or tripling your airtime anytime you recharge. For instance Etisalat Nigeria is currently offering EasyFlex customers the opportunity to triple their top-ups. If you load the sum of Four Thousand Naira on your line, you will be credited with the sum of fifteen thousand naira which can be used for voice call, sms and data. The validity period for such  transaction is 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Use of mobile application that allows you to make phone calls and send messages to all other users for free! All that needs to be done is to subscribe to a data plan where all calls will be made from. The great thing about this mobile application is that they use minimal data thereby saving you on topping up every time and you can call anyone regardless of their location and it is available on PC, tablet and phones. Example of such mobile application includes Viber, BBM, WhatsApp amongst others.

Now that you have these information why not go ahead and give them a try. Happy calling and chatting.

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