BlackBerry OS 10 New Features

A slew of features (Battery Saving Mode, BlackBerry Blend…) arrived with the latest BB10 OS update ( to be exact), however a certain feature caught our eye!



This is available under System Settings and selecting it takes you to the image below:


Selecting the following options (like we have) enables the following features:

  • Have your phone light up when you pick it up from a flat surface (your bedside cupboard or office desk, not your bed)
  • Flip your phone to silence it when it rings (at meetings or anywhere else). This has been available on the Android and Windows Phone OS.
  • Turn over your phone to save power. This is new and probably good for when you’re going to bed (if you still sleep). You’ll get better “mileage” till when you have to plug-in again.
  • Have your screen stay on when in hand. This isn’t such a good idea as your phone might be in hand but you don’t intend using it thereby having your screen suck more ampere juice. Perhaps its good for when you’re looking at your phone, somewhat  similar with “Watch On” or “Smart Stay”

We’ve tried this on a Z10, Passport and Q5 and it works seamlessly. However, we tried updating a Q10 but it wouldn’t budge 😦

Let’s know your thoughts.

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