How to Reduce your Business’ Overhead Cost

Saving money and making profits is the main goal for the 99.9% entrepreneurs.

Yes you have been able to birth your ideas and dreams by giving it a name and also legitimise it by incorporating it with the Companies Affairs Commission. “FUNDING” “CAPITAL” call it whatever name you want, this is the biggest hurdle every start-up faces. One of our catch phrase is “Big Thought, Small Start and Daily Growth”. This simply means that you do not have to allow lack of funding or capital hinder the commencement of operations of that business idea you have.


INYE-2 Nigeria-Africa’s first Tablet runs on Android Froyo

INYE-2 specs & pictures.

Hello all,

Following the launch of INYE-2 at the Google Nigeria Day, the following are the specs and the pictures of INYE-2. Hardware refreshes and tests are still being done and hence expect better specs and better OS upgrades when final products launches. We will keep you posted. (more…)