Reduce Mobile Data by 50% WithThe New Google Chrome Mobile App


Google Chrome

Are you on an internet plan with a data cap or do you exhaust your mobile data before its due date. That should be a thing of the past with the recent update from Google for its Chrome Browser app which promises to helps users reduce the amount of mobile data used in surfing the web on your mobile devices. (more…)


3 Password Tools That Can Simplify Your Life — And Protect You From Hackers

password tools

The recent news that someone using your computer can see all of your passwords stored in Chrome with a few clicks made me aware of something that I had known — but ignored — for a long time: I have five or six passwords for dozens of accounts.

I’ve heeded the warnings and tried to come up with secure passwords that combine letters, numbers, capital letters and symbols. But often, I’m unable to remember a password and find myself wasting time resetting it.

Enter “password management” tools. These services generate unique passwords for each site that requires one. Your codes are all stored in one central place, which can be unlocked with one master password. (So be sure you don’t forget it.) (more…)

9 Gmail Plugins to Revive Your Productivity

For years, Gmail has dominated as the standard — even to the extent that the web savvy crowd tends to think less of people who use a more archaic email service, a phenomenon known as domain discrimination. The rationalization goes, why would you keep using a limited email interface when there’s a better product out there?

Along those same lines, your Gmail might be outdated if you haven’t tried some of these handy plugins.Mashable rounded up the best here, which are each available to install as a Chrome Extension, and a few are available on Firefox as well. If you’ve already tried these, tell us your verdict in the comments, and feel free to suggest plugins we might have missed! (more…)

Comodo Dragon

No! not the reptile! it’s a web browser-based on the Chromium engine (the same roots of Google Chrome) only lighter and just as efficient.

If you’re the type that’s wary of keeping your online presence to the most minimal level or like its said – “don’t want to leave bread crumbs”, then this is the browser for you.

Some of  its features include being able to have it start in incognito mode every time without having to mess about in the about:config settings

It’s currently on version 19.0. Point here to download and try it out.