Resolving Playstation issues with Samsung Tvs- Flickering Pictures

In our earlier post, we talked about the flickering issues experienced with a Samsung TV. We have been able to find a NO TOOL method i.e. no need to unscrew your TV.

To fix this issue follow the instructions below;:

With the TV in standby, press the {INFO} {MENU} {MUTE} {POWER} buttons on the remote (not together but one after the other). Remember to point the remote toward the InfraRed light on the TV.

Once the TV comes back on, you will see the service menu table. Look for Control> Config Option> Spread Spect>Turn It off. (See image below)

Spread Spect

Exit the Service Menu and connect the Playstation to the TV.

You can now enjoy playing your favourite games and HD content without experiencing any flickering.

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The New DStv Explora! Should You Get it?

  • All new dstv explora

MultiChoice announced another innovation milestone in Africa with the introduction of its next-generation PVR decoder, the DStv Explora. The new DStv Explora is set to significantly change the way  Africans experience and control their TV.

Snapshot of the DStv Explora’s features

  • Full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality
  • Content discovery (including multiple searches)
  • Up to 220 hours of personal recorded content
  • Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours
  • Buffer retained on channel change (more…)

DIY Solution to Flickering Samsung LCD Screen.

A known issue with Samsung LCD screens whereby the screen flickers/blinks/overlaying of pictures (or whatever name you want to call it).

The issue is peculiar to 32″ and above. The problem normally starts with the HDMI connection.

We carried out an online research and we were able to found out a DIY solution to the problem. To carry out this solution, all you need (for the brave heart as COMPLABNG will not be responsible for any damage to your TV) are:

a. Screw Driver

b. Jumper Wire Cutter (more…)

Turn your laptop into a powerful multimedia hub via the HDMI port.

What does HDMI stands for?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a conduit through which devices  can transmit and receive high-definition (HD) audio and video between external  sources and receivers. In the past few years, laptop manufacturers now offer their customers the opportunity of  projecting high-quality  video and audio onto HD-capable devices such as televisions and audio receivers via using the laptop’s HDMI port. Once connected properly, it only takes seconds (or pressing a combination of buttons) for you to transform your device into a  powerful multimedia hub.

There are a number of HDMI-standard cable connectors available, each of which can be used for any uncompressed TV or PC video format, including standard, enhanced, high definition and 3D video signals; up to 8 channels of compressed or uncompressed digital audio; (more…)