Resolving Sync and Erase Issue with Apple Devices. (Updated)

Caveat! With the new iTunes 12, Apple has decided to change the procedure to sync your purchases from one iTunes Library to another.  In order for you to successfully sync your purchases between the iTunes libraries, all that you need to do is to connect your iDevice to your MacBook or PC (for Windows users) and thereafter click on File>>>Devices>>>Sync (Name of Device).  This would transfer all your purchases to the new iTunes.



Affordable WI-FI Hotspot in Lagos Nigeria

Going out with your friends or family and you need to connect to the internet while enjoying a day out in Lagos? Or you want to update your device i.e. iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3, PS Vita etc. worry not as Oxygen Broadband Networks now offers affordable internet connectivity in Lagos.

Who are they?

Oxygen Broadband Networks is a Wi-Fi provider with the aim of providing excellent internet access services to millions of users via the Oxygen Wi-Fi network.

The New iOS 7. First Impression (Updated)


On the 19th of September 2013, Apple finally flipped the switch for the user version of the iOS 7 which is now available for everyone to download. Took us sometime to complete the download due to slow internet speed and issues from the Apple server but we eventually got our hands on it.

Installation was seamless and we were welcomed by a whitish welcome page with “HELLO” in different languages. We followed the installation guide to the very end without any issues.

Now to what you are hitching to hear. Firstly of all, the new iOS 7 is totally different from what you have been seeing in the past. Total re-modification was carried out by the developers at Apple.


How to create a free iTunes account without a debit/credit card

Ok you just got your Apple device and you are greeted with the welcome screen asking you to enter your Apple ID or create an Apple ID.

You continue the process and you are asked to enter your card details. Some of us are reluctant to enter our card details because we do not want a situation whereby we are charged for unwanted or unsolicited item. While so do not have an acceptable debit/credit card.

Well worry not because you can actually register for an Apple ID without the use of a credit/debit card. Just follow the steps below and you will be given your very own APPLE ID. (more…)

How to master iOS security: 5 simple ways to increase data protection and privacy

Top 5 ways to

Security is one of the most important, yet oft-neglected facets of modern mobile life. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, your entire life, and a lot of your friends’, families’, and associates’ lives, are right there on your device. From contact information to location data, messages to photos and video, website logins to payment methods, if someone gains access to your device, and your stuff, it can make that life, those lives, annoying at best, catastrophic at worst. Adding security does require more time and effort than going without, but nowhere nearly as much time and effort as it takes to recover after your stuff is spied, stolen, or otherwise violated. It’s security week on Talk Mobile, so while you probably already know the basics, we’re going to share the very best of the tough stuff!



Ever been in a position where you thought “only if I could fix this device on my own“. Well you can with the help of Luke and Kyle from iFixit .

The website provides you with a manual and a walk through of how you can fix your device be it the iPad, iPhone, laptop, camera, even AUTOMOBILES etc. They also provide parts, tools and upgrades and you can diagnose what’s wrong with your device or equipment.

We recommend this to those who don’t have the means (cash) to pay for those expensive training or time to register for a long term program.

What you need is just the guts and might to step up to the table and TEAR THAT GADGET/EQUIPMENT APART (at your own risk).

Why not give it a try today by clicking the above link.

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Setting Up your iDevice for iTunes


We get a lot of mails from people asking us how to set up their iDevices on iTunes. We decided to write this post to guide you through the process.

After you might have hurriedly open the box to see your shinning iDevice, the next thing you are asked to do is to connect to iTunes or to a WiFi connection.

Steps to follow:

  • Download the latest iTunes or open iTunes (if already installed on your Laptop or Desktop) and click on Help>>>Scroll down to Check Updates.
  • Once you are done with installation/update, switch on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or iShuffle and Swipe to unlock. (more…)

iOS 6! Another Disappointment from Apple (Updated)


The dust has finally settled on the arrival of the iOS 6 and Apple’s new kid on the block (iPhone 5). After several weeks of leaked/rumoured images of the iPhone 5 and the features of the latest OS, Steve Jobs would be kicking the grounds on how Tim Cooks and co ruined the tradition of “Surprising the World” at the famous Apple Event.

Let’s get down to business.