SMTP Error Message on Apple Mail. Thunderbird to the rescue

We receive mails and other correspondence from our mac users who have experienced difficulties in setting up or using their Hotmail account and other customised email account on Apple Mail. We have also tried searching the internet for possible way out or around this. We tried several options until we came in contact with a wonderful app called “THUNDERBIRD”.

With Thunderbird all you need to do is to enter your Name, Email address and Password. Once you have entered the necessary details, just click on the “Continue” button and wait for the program to search for EMail providers and Mozilla ISP providers.



iOS 6! Another Disappointment from Apple (Updated)


The dust has finally settled on the arrival of the iOS 6 and Apple’s new kid on the block (iPhone 5). After several weeks of leaked/rumoured images of the iPhone 5 and the features of the latest OS, Steve Jobs would be kicking the grounds on how Tim Cooks and co ruined the tradition of “Surprising the World” at the famous Apple Event.

Let’s get down to business.


New Mac OS X Malware Discovered, Takes Screenshots And Uploads Them To Unknown Servers Without User’s Consent

Security research firm Intego, which specializes in Mac-related software, has stumbled upon a new variant of the Imuler trojan horse targeting Mac OS X users.

The latest iteration of the infamous Imuler.C trojan tries to infiltrate users by convincing them that the file they’ve downloaded and are about to open is an image. The trojan horse currently operates using .zip archives named “Pictures and the Ariticle of Renzin” and “FHM Feb Cover Girl Irina Shayk H-Res”. (more…)

Put Your Computer in A Frozen State!

Guess you might think we are crazy or you might be wondering what we meant by freezing your computer. How would you feel as a Supervisor of an ICT department of an organisation/company/establishment where you do not: 

  • need to make a new, clean OS install every 1-2 years because the computer became too slow
  • need to worry about data loss due to hackers, trojaners, viruses, system crashes, etc etc
  • need to worry about whether or not Windows’ System Restore works (it never worked in my case) (more…)