MacBook Air

Using Android File Transfer on Mac OS

Having issues with Android File Transfer (AFT) on your Mac OS device or are you getting error messages whenever you connect your Android device to the Macbook or iMac? Worry no more as the solution is quite simple.

Before you can use AFT on your Mac, ensure that you have uninstalled Samsung Kies before you proceed. Dragging and dropping the application in the trash won’t uninstall it. You need to use the installer to successfully uninstall the application. (See image below)

Kies Uninstaller

Kies Uninstaller

Once done with uninstalling of the Samsung Kies, simply install AFT and connect your Android device. You should be able to access files and folders on your device.

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SMTP Error Message on Apple Mail. Thunderbird to the rescue

We receive mails and other correspondence from our mac users who have experienced difficulties in setting up or using their Hotmail account and other customised email account on Apple Mail. We have also tried searching the internet for possible way out or around this. We tried several options until we came in contact with a wonderful app called “THUNDERBIRD”.

With Thunderbird all you need to do is to enter your Name, Email address and Password. Once you have entered the necessary details, just click on the “Continue” button and wait for the program to search for EMail providers and Mozilla ISP providers.


How to create a free iTunes account without a debit/credit card

Ok you just got your Apple device and you are greeted with the welcome screen asking you to enter your Apple ID or create an Apple ID.

You continue the process and you are asked to enter your card details. Some of us are reluctant to enter our card details because we do not want a situation whereby we are charged for unwanted or unsolicited item. While so do not have an acceptable debit/credit card.

Well worry not because you can actually register for an Apple ID without the use of a credit/debit card. Just follow the steps below and you will be given your very own APPLE ID. (more…)

Thinner 13 And 15-Inch MacBook Pro Hits Assembly Lines, All Set For Release Next Month [REPORT]

In amongst all the talk of new iPads and Samsung Galaxy S III’s, another product trending in the blogsosphere of late is Apple’s MacBook range.

Much like our report at the end of last month, the suggestion – as far as the MacBook Pro is concerned – is that the 13 and 15 inch models will be re-designed to follow the form factor of the sleeker, thinner MacBook Air, with no word on the fate of the 17 inch model. A Digitimes report notes that the Pro is currently in production, and – like the current range of MacBook Airs – will ditch the optical drive in order to accommodate the thinner design. (more…)