The 7 factors to help a company build a social business strategy

Anyone can have a social media “presence”. It doesn’t matter if you’re signing up for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Google+; Managing an online presence is easy for an individual, but what if you have a company that wants to expand the scope of those efforts and bring it to the enterprise? What are some ways to make sure that your brand not only doesn’t self-sabotage its efforts, but becomes successful in the process?

Brian Solis and Charlene Li think that they have the answer. In a new eBook entitled The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy, two of the principals of the research firm Altimeter Group, explore what successful businesses have done to bring their social media strategies in line with their objectives to form a cohesive communication program.



Turn your HDTV into a Smart TV with Wise TIVI Media Stick (Updated)

wisetiviThe Wise TIVI product is about the size of a flash drive, but it packs a ton of potential. See, you can plug the multimedia stick (of your choice of color: silver, green, blue, or black) into the USB  HDMI port  on your HDTV, and your television will basically have the same online functionality as your phone or tablet. (No, it doesn’t transform your TV into a giant touchscreen. Don’t try it.) The unit runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, so your television may be even more current than your mobile device

With a wireless keyboard and a wireless game controller (possibly sold separately – no word just yet), you can navigate the web, access media through Google Play, watch videos on Netflix, watch TV on Hulu, and tons more. (more…)

New copyright center ready to fire on pirates

The Center for Copyright Information will soon make its debut. The CCI will work with ISPs, music labels, and film studios to implement controversial graduated-response program.

The major film studios and music companies will soon unveil plans for a “copyright center,” an organization designed to oversee the implementation of the controversial graduated-response program, CNET has learned.

Last July, when some of the country’s top Internet service providers, including AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, agreed to begin implementing a series of measures designed to discourage illegal file-sharing, the ISPs said they and the entertainment companies would establish a Center for Copyright Information (CCI) to “assist in the effort to combat online infringement.” (more…)