Talk More Pay less

Are you a business owner or an individual who makes lots of voice calls? Well we have information that would save you lots of cash to spend on other more pressing matters.

Kindly find below our quick but essential solutions to talk more and pay less;

  • Closed User Groups are groups of GSM mobile telephone subscribers who can make calls and receive calls from members within the group. This is ideal for employers who have between 0-100 employees. This simply afford everyone on the CUG that to make more calls,sms and data (based on the allocation by the Service Provider). All that needs to be done is to subscribe for one that suits your purpose. (more…)

Buying a New Device

Thinking of getting a new device? You might want to hold out just a little longer. We know you’ve been saving up for quite some time and now that you have the cash at hand we’re trying to stop you!? Not quite. You see, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off today in Barcelona, Spain where tech giants show off/display (mostly) new hardware devices (from tablets to the ever-growing-in-size phone to the new rave – “wearables“) you will be purchasing for the rest of 2014. Everyone one (maybe not Apple as they have their own event) has a new device on offer: Sony, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Huawei… (more…)

Affordable WI-FI Hotspot in Lagos Nigeria

Going out with your friends or family and you need to connect to the internet while enjoying a day out in Lagos? Or you want to update your device i.e. iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3, PS Vita etc. worry not as Oxygen Broadband Networks now offers affordable internet connectivity in Lagos.

Who are they?

Oxygen Broadband Networks is a Wi-Fi provider with the aim of providing excellent internet access services to millions of users via the Oxygen Wi-Fi network.


Ever been in a position where you thought “only if I could fix this device on my own“. Well you can with the help of Luke and Kyle from iFixit .

The website provides you with a manual and a walk through of how you can fix your device be it the iPad, iPhone, laptop, camera, even AUTOMOBILES etc. They also provide parts, tools and upgrades and you can diagnose what’s wrong with your device or equipment.

We recommend this to those who don’t have the means (cash) to pay for those expensive training or time to register for a long term program.

What you need is just the guts and might to step up to the table and TEAR THAT GADGET/EQUIPMENT APART (at your own risk).

Why not give it a try today by clicking the above link.

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