How to Reduce your Business’ Overhead Cost

Saving money and making profits is the main goal for the 99.9% entrepreneurs.

Yes you have been able to birth your ideas and dreams by giving it a name and also legitimise it by incorporating it with the Companies Affairs Commission. “FUNDING” “CAPITAL” call it whatever name you want, this is the biggest hurdle every start-up faces. One of our catch phrase is “Big Thought, Small Start and Daily Growth”. This simply means that you do not have to allow lack of funding or capital hinder the commencement of operations of that business idea you have.


3 Networking Ideas that Actually Work

Networking can be tough, especially at business meets or any other start-up hub. At big events, its often hard to identify the wannabe entrepreneurs from those who are building awesome things or have awesome contacts, so it’s not uncommon to leave an event hours later exhausted, hoarse, and with nothing to show.

But, the start-up world is an ecosystem where connections and introductions can be critical to raising funds or landing a key partner, and networking is just part of the game. So what should you do?

While heading to the big events once in a while is important, here are three even better ways to rapidly expand and improve your network – while still saving your energy for your new and growing company. (more…)

Online Training for Nigerian Enterpreneurs by Google Nigeria

The Get Nigerian Businesses Online (GBNO) programme a joint initiative of Google and its Nigerian partners that is Ecobank Plc and MTN Nigeria which was introduced to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) connect to the world via the internet. (You can read more about it in our earlier post)

Google Nigeria has announced the commencement of the ‘Succeed Online’ training series which is geared at educating SME on how to reach out to the world with a better understanding of the use of Internet.

The Marketing Manager, SME Products, Ms. Bunmi Banjo, said in a statement that the goal of the ‘Succeed Online’ training series was to educate small and medium owners on crucial tips that would help boost the impact of their online presence. (more…)