Talk More Pay less

Are you a business owner or an individual who makes lots of voice calls? Well we have information that would save you lots of cash to spend on other more pressing matters.

Kindly find below our quick but essential solutions to talk more and pay less;

  • Closed User Groups are groups of GSM mobile telephone subscribers who can make calls and receive calls from members within the group. This is ideal for employers who have between 0-100 employees. This simply afford everyone on the CUG that to make more calls,sms and data (based on the allocation by the Service Provider). All that needs to be done is to subscribe for one that suits your purpose. (more…)

Affordable WI-FI Hotspot in Lagos Nigeria

Going out with your friends or family and you need to connect to the internet while enjoying a day out in Lagos? Or you want to update your device i.e. iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3, PS Vita etc. worry not as Oxygen Broadband Networks now offers affordable internet connectivity in Lagos.

Who are they?

Oxygen Broadband Networks is a Wi-Fi provider with the aim of providing excellent internet access services to millions of users via the Oxygen Wi-Fi network.

Configure Your Mobile device to Fetch Your Mails with Either POP or IMAP

To configure your mobile device i.e. tablets, phablets, phones and PDAs to fetch your mails from your email service provider’s server, you have the option to choose between IMAP and POP.

What is IMAP?

This simply means Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) a protocol for e-mail retrieval.

What is POP?

Post Office Protocol (POP) is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local e-mail clients to retrieve e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection.

POP and IMAP are two different protocols used to access email. POP and IMAP function very differently and each has its own advantages. POP is useful in checking emails from a computer that is in a specific location. IMAP is the better option when you need to check your emails from multiple locations, such as at work, from home, or on the road, using different computers.


The New Tablet from Microsoft

There is a new kid on the block and it’s called “Surface”. Microsoft plans to rival Apple’s iPad which has been the leading tablet overtime.

Microsoft unveiled its own brand of tablet yesterday.

The new tablets will be powered by its upcoming Windows 8 system and contain a choice of an Intel or ARM-based processor.

The devices have 10.6 inch (26.9cm) displays, built-in kickstands and are housed in magnesium cases – which the company described as the first of their kind. (more…)

MasterImage 3D’s 3D Tablet: Surprisingly Decent, and No Glasses Needed

The first time I saw the glasses-free 3D technology from a company called MasterImage 3D, it was in the form of a smartphone-sized screen mounted in a little box full of circuit boards. 3D skeptic though I am, I was kind of impressed: at its best, the effect looked as good as much of the 3D that requires you to wear funny glasses.

MasterImage 3D visited TIME’s San Francisco office today with another demo unit. This one was a 10″ Android tablet, based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. And while it wasn’t a product that’s for sale — it’s just a reference design designed to show hardware makers what’s possible — I was impressed all over again. (more…)

INYE-2 Nigeria-Africa’s first Tablet runs on Android Froyo

INYE-2 specs & pictures.

Hello all,

Following the launch of INYE-2 at the Google Nigeria Day, the following are the specs and the pictures of INYE-2. Hardware refreshes and tests are still being done and hence expect better specs and better OS upgrades when final products launches. We will keep you posted. (more…)