Month: April 2013

Resolving the Issue with Unknown Contact List with Blackberry Bold 9900

Got a request from one of our clients who wanted to transfer his contact from his blackberry 9900 to his new Samsung Galaxy SIII. He found out all his contact where not wirelessly synced to his email. We have decided to share with you a simple way to get around this.

  1. Connect your Phone to your PC and click on the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  2. Backup your Phone and disconnect from the Desktop Manager
  3. Go to CONTACTS>>>OPTIONS>>>UNCHECK ALL EMAILS (Do same for calendars if you want to have a backed up copy.
  4. Go to OPTIONS>>>ADVANCE SYSTEM SETTINGS>>>DEFAULT SERVICES>>>CONTACT LIST (SYNC). Select your preferred email address you want to use as your DEFAULT email.
  5. Exit to the┬áhome screen>>>Go to CONTACTS>>>OPTIONS>>>CONTACT DISPLAY AND ACTIONS>>>Select ” ALLOW DUPLICATE NAMES”. Press the exit button and save. (more…)