Month: May 2013

BlackBerry Q10


Chances are that a number of you have either purchased or had some hands-on experience with BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry’s latest device running the conveniently named OS; BlackBerry 10.  While you’re still catching your breath with the departure from what you been used to (the physical  keyboard and OS) for so long, the follow-up – Q10, is soon to  hit our shores (or stores) to address your tactile cravings.

Of course, you can always pre-order from online stores or have some benevolent relative or friend send it to you if you’ll rather have it sooner than later. But, we recommend waiting as prices will fall…they always do. Look at the Z10 now, its well under N94,000.00!

To help you make up your mind on whether to go with the full touch screen on the Z10 or keyboard and touch screen with the Q10 (similar to your Bolds, Curves…) here’s an incisive review to help you decide.


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Top Android Applications for Nigerians

Nigeria is one of many African nations embracing the mobile revolution, with over 110 million mobile subscribers across the country. In a highly competitive market, Android app developers are climbing over one another to create, develop, update and smooth out mobile applications aimed exclusively at the Nigerian market. Below are just some of the best Android apps available to Nigerian mobile users today. by SCM Ventures

Tradestable is Nigeria’s most popular free-classifieds website, allowing users to buy and sell everything from cars and mobile phones to real estate and professional services. The Tradestable Android app, which now allows users to browse and post ads while on the move, it’s free and has received very positive reviews from downloaders so far.