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You probably thought to yourself: If  I am going to but a tablet I have three choices – Android, PlayBook or iPad. Well you can now add a fourth. Windows 8 from the all ubiquitous Microsoft is all but live.

At the ongoing Computex event in Taipei (that’s in Taiwan), some manufacturers (Acer, Asus, msi, Samsung, Toshiba…) have showed off new tablets (and PCs) running Microsoft’s latest attempt at recapturing a slice of the mobile market, especially as Windows Phone 7 isn’t exactly soaring. Windows 8, according to boffins at Microsoft, is tailored to the touch environment so it’s basically a tablet OS that is extensible to the conventional PC.

Microsoft is banking on the fact it maintains what is quite comfortably a monopoly in the PC OS market to drive interest and most importantly, sales of its new latest OS considering the vast array of programs available to the Windows platform.

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Comodo Dragon

No! not the reptile! it’s a web browser-based on the Chromium engine (the same roots of Google Chrome) only lighter and just as efficient.

If you’re the type that’s wary of keeping your online presence to the most minimal level or like its said – “don’t want to leave bread crumbs”, then this is the browser for you.

Some of  its features include being able to have it start in incognito mode every time without having to mess about in the about:config settings

It’s currently on version 19.0. Point here to download and try it out.

CES 2012: Ultrabook Round-up

CES 2012: Ultrabook round-up

CES is drawing to a close, and the gadgets released here will define the market for the year. Intel is betting the farm on its Ultrabook concept as its hardware partners continued to push out the first real wave of laptops designed to take on the MacBook Air (who thought we’d be saying that four years ago?). Whatever your feelings on these devices, given Santa Clara’s billion-dollar advertising push, you won’t be able to ignore them this year. So, let’s take a look at five of the best products that rolled off the keynotes into the hands of our editors. (more…)